"‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step….’
My ‘single step’ began with finding Catherine at Tidying Time.
From something which, began with illness and an ‘I’ll do it later’ mind-set, to remaining in poor health and being totally overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. This sums up the situation, which I found myself in.
My home was no longer welcoming or indeed homely. Clutter was everywhere around me. It got me down further and further each day no matter how much I denied it to friends, family and myself. It had been years since I had allowed anyone to visit my home, primarily out of shame and disgust at myself for letting things get so out of control.
Once I had made up my mind to take action I found Tidying Time online. Now, looking back, the hardest part was getting in contact and admitting I needed help.
I needn’t have worried. Catherine made a home visit and assessment of the help needed. We talked about what I wanted help with and how she would be able to achieve that.
Throughout all our time spent working together the level of professionalism was second to none. I let the system which Catherine uses take over and her motivation, planning and hard work were amazing. Her level of positivity and gentle encouragement really worked wonders for me in many ways. I began to feel in control of things and a lot more positive within myself. Chatting, laughing and also the ability to be quiet whilst we worked through everything made the process, something which I can only recommend whole heartedly to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.
Catherine is patient, gentle, positive, motivated and very hard working. Everything was disposed of by Catherine, which was another weight lifted off my shoulders. Nothing is too much bother for her. In short, she is a Godsend.
For professionalism, efficiency and positive outcomes Tidying Time is the company I would recommend without hesitation.
Thank you Catherine for everything."

“I thought tidying my wardrobe was going to be a long, tiring and boring task! Catherine showed me it was the opposite (quick, easy and actually enjoyable). My new wardrobe makes me so happy and even makes everyday tasks like picking an outfit so much easier”

Having worked with Catherine for a long time a few years ago, I can’t imagine anyone better able to help with organising & just “getting things sorted” in a friendly & professional way. 👍


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